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Kind of a stupid subject title but that is the latest Lucas Electronics phantom for my Acadia, whom I have now named Samantha, in honor of our favorite witch >:D
After my wife's experience of total Acadia electrical failure last week, and the dealer's inability to figure out what caused it (likely water leaks), I finally got around to driving it again. When I turned on the XM radio, found "Not Available" on radio. Checking the two other cars I have with it, it worked for them. So I called Onstar, since I paid to have it on so I had someone to talk to when Samantha was going though her ever more frequent PMS episodes, in the ever optimistic they could deliver real time diagnostic codes for the dealers could use later.
Anyway, they (Onstar) says that my vehicle was not equipped with XM radio, I asked them what have I been listening to for over a year :banghead: They could not answer but suggested I talk to the XM operator. I did, and they confirmed I was paying for service to my radio number. Only solution I had was to tell GM to replace the radio :help:
Perhaps the probable water leakage and the shorting out of whatever caused the XM feature to be fried; perhaps I have offended Samantha by posting her eccentricities on this forum; or perhaps the Lucas quality level of electronics finally is siezing control of this possessed vehicle. >:D
Attn. Bob Lutz: All this is really testing my patience, do I really have to find another Crown Vic to buy? :eek:hno:
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