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tjw68 said:
Any word on when GMC's new hybrid drive will make it into an Acadia?
Maybe next fall??
No, nothing said on that yet. The new 2-mode system is going to be in the Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, Silverado, and Sierra starting very late this fall/early next year, but nothing in regards to the Lambdas.

Even as far as the earlier rumored V8 option, that too has not been brought up in a while. Very likely because fuel economy talk started BIG time right around the intro of these vehicles.

If anything, the strongest possibility is the Lambdas getting the more powerful direct-injection version of the 3.6L that just debuted in the new '08 CTS. That's rumored, but there's now several vehicles with the 3.6L and they are going to expand the use of that alternative version soon. We'll see.

But otherwise, nothing even rumored, aside from the DI 3.6L. Of course, a new Hybrid is a possibility, but not for at least a few years, if they decide to develop it.
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