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The latest TrueDelta Vehicle Reliability Survey results have been posted. These are for the year ending June 30, 2007. Late responses could lead to further changes, but these are unlikely to be large.

For the 2007 GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook, I have an average of 2.8 months of data on 74 cars. The stat of 98 successful repair trips per 100 vehicles per year (0.98 per vehicle) is worse than average for a 2007 model.

This result is similar to last quarter, and based on far more data, so the Lambdas appear to have continuing reliability issues.

Examples of repairs reported:
Many A/C failures -- common problem area
Wipers stopped working during a heavy rainstorm, requiring a tow
Storage compartment lid mechanisms
Gas cap lanyard kept coming loose
Transmission leak
ECM replacement
Water leak
Driver seat track replaced because seat rocking

The results do not include recalls or reflashes. Including these would have substantially increased the reported repair rate for these vehicles.

I've been seeing lower repair rates for the Ford Edge and especially for the Acura MDX. The Audi Q7 and Mazda CX-7, on the other hand, have been experiencing higher repair rates.

It is possible that GM will sort these issues out, and repair rates will start to decline. Results will be updated in three months.

Everyone who has been helping out with this research, thanks, I literally couldn't have done it without you. Those who aren't yet helping out, I hope you'll consider doing so.

Other results:

TrueDelta Vehicle Reliability Survey results

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Thanks for the update and for the work you're doing providing another source for reliability data. I suspect the '08 data will be better as GM irons out these problems. I haven't experienced any of these yet on my '08.
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