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Ok I've towed my horses for years but that was always with 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks so this idea of possibly towing w/a SUV is totally new to me.

I found a baby travel trailer and was wondering if it would be towable (safely) with the Acadia. I looked up the specs for it and I have some specs for the Acadia as well. I listed the inches next to trailer info just so it's easier to compare to Acadia info that was listed in inches on the website.

length - 14'9 (178.8 inches)
width - 8'4 (100 inches)
outside height 8'2 (98 inches)
axle weight 1835 lbs
hitch weight 220 lbs
dry weight 2055 lbs
cargo weight 1265 lbs
max weight 3320

Length - 200.7 inches (16.7 ft)
width - 78.2 inches
height - 72.8 inches
wheelbase - 119 inches

I know the Acadia is rated for 4500lbs but I'm looking more about the size of veh vs size of trailer. Would you expect to have problems w/a trailer that size vs the veh w/any wind or from passing vehs/semi's? I know a couple people who had sway bars on the trailer if it was a bumper pull and they had a longer trailer. Would that be advisable in this situation? In case it would help seeing the trailer vs just the specs it's and the column on the far left for the X-139.

Also I know I received that tow harness wiring thingamabobber w/my car but who installs that? Like I said not trying to sound like a dork but all our wiring and hitches have always been installed together and I never had to deal with that.

One last thing. I remember quite some time ago someone had posted about towing a boat (and there were pics in the post) then he had problems w/the wiring and it locking his brakes when he put it in reverse (or something similar). Was that problem ever resolved that anyone is aware of? Would that apply to me? I know we have brakes on the horse trailers and I would expect the travel trailers to be the same since they are so big but I don't know for sure.

BTW, here is the thread I was talking about and there is a pic of an Acadia pulling a trailer but IMO the trailer is way too big for the veh both weight and size wise..

Thanks for any help


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When we bought our Acadia, I asked both our trainer and the dealer about towing horses. The trainer said that if the car can pull it, it shouldn't be a problem. She suggested getting a lightweight aluminum trailer that could pull two horses. There are people who two their two horse with an Expedition and one with an Explorer. One even pulls theirs with a Lexus!

When talking to the dealer, she said the same thing as well. We are going to try it out next month when we buy our new horse. I don't know about sway bars, I'll ask at the stable tonight. I think you should be fine. One of the first things my daughter asked when we were looking at cars was, "Will it tow a horse?" :D She fell in love with the Acadia when they said yes!

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Yes the Acadia can pull that trailer, Will it pull the trailer as well as a pick-up NO! We have a Trail-Cruiser C-17 with the following spec's.

width - 96 inches
outside height - 9'-8"
axle weight 2338 lbs
hitch weight 255 lbs
dry weight 2593 lbs
cargo weight 1162 lbs
max weight ~ 3700

Last weekend we pulled the trailer and our two kids to Darien Lake state park. About a three hour drive (I live on the east side of T.O. in Ontario.) at 100 to 110 km/hr and past many transport trucks without any problems.

We have an electronic brake controller, weight distribution Hitch and a friction sway bar.

Here is a picture of the rig.


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