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Hello! I recently was involved in a car accident where I was merged into from the right side. I am wondering if the car will be totaled since it is a 2011 Acadia with 193,000 miles and one prior accident. No airbags deployed and nothing is leaking, but the engine sounds awful. The wreck was hard enough to spin me out and go down an embankment. Thank you!
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If youre not ready for a new car payment..
see what the engine noise is.
Could be a shield that got bent and is rubbing on the belt..hoprfully its that simple...and if it is that simple
At that point id leave the body as is. Fix the mirror. And continue driving till it really fails
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Hopefully this makes you feel better.
Brothers 2012 with 124k was 'totalled ' by insurance 2 days ago.
Driver and 2 children in car seats are ok.

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I hate to hear all the troubles folks have....
Im currently researching--- to order a 2023 Traverse....
All my GM cars have been trouble free..... as I stare out my window and look at the 2003 Trailblazer... still going.
Id be replacing my 2010 Traverse. Wife will continue to drive her 2013 Equinox- also with the 3.6.
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If i wait for the 24, dont want to be the owner getting all the glitches on a new model and engine.
Then, it seems theyre going away from v6 to smaller engines with turbos...
Dont know if thats the case with the next gen traverse.. it happened allready with 2nd gen.
Then gm's move away from gas to electric.
As for onstars fee.... thats what i read or heard... but have not looked into it further.
We will see what i do.
GM Authority site says 2024 traverse will have minor changes.
An all new 2025 will arrive.
Says strong possibility it will be an all electric.
Though possible.
2.0 i4 turbo
3.6 lgx
3.0 twin turbo
Turbo diesel select markets
Plug in hybrid
All electric.

The keywords here are ALL New.
Yeah all new untested vehicle in real world conditions..... with glitches/gremlins that I dont want to deal with.
That means id wait till 2026 or 2027 for a 3rd gen model to have fixes put in place...
Long time to wait.
Im gonna hit 190,000 soon.
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1 - 5 of 29 Posts