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Hello! I recently was involved in a car accident where I was merged into from the right side. I am wondering if the car will be totaled since it is a 2011 Acadia with 193,000 miles and one prior accident. No airbags deployed and nothing is leaking, but the engine sounds awful. The wreck was hard enough to spin me out and go down an embankment. Thank you!
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These days it is crazy how they total a car. With the chip shortage, there are many cars sold with a rebuilt title, that have very little damage. You can take the VIN and run it online and more than likely find a pic of the car at the auction lot. I bought my wife's Equinox this way. I honestly could see no damage at all. Carfax confirmed it had been hit, but I could not see anything wrong. Went and looked at it and could see no issues at all. Drove great, and the price was just amazing. $18K for it with 39K miles and a new set of tires. We have 67K on it now, and only recently found a broken left tail light with a hairline crack. So yeah, you will get totaled. Yours is worth around $4500, and repairs these days will be more than that. Hope you come out OK.
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