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Hello! I recently was involved in a car accident where I was merged into from the right side. I am wondering if the car will be totaled since it is a 2011 Acadia with 193,000 miles and one prior accident. No airbags deployed and nothing is leaking, but the engine sounds awful. The wreck was hard enough to spin me out and go down an embankment. Thank you!
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I am okay with the car, however we all know the major issues the car has. Many issues I’ve ignored and have either gone away or continue but just turn the music up. I am not gonna be sad if they total this out and I will take their spare change and go over to the Ford dealer.
Most likely it will be totalled out. Hopefully you filed the claim with your own insurance and not the other will always get more for your vehicle that way.
I know what you mean about the issues with these cars. I have had my 2011 for about 14 months. Swaybar bushings swaybar links brakes and rotors all around wiper motor wheel bearings. Heater hoses sprang pinhole leaks at the quick connect fittings a month apart. Last month a new transmission now throttle body issues and misfires on 1 3 5 due to oil leaking into plug holes. A real money pit
GOOD LUCK and stay away from gm
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