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Hello! I recently was involved in a car accident where I was merged into from the right side. I am wondering if the car will be totaled since it is a 2011 Acadia with 193,000 miles and one prior accident. No airbags deployed and nothing is leaking, but the engine sounds awful. The wreck was hard enough to spin me out and go down an embankment. Thank you!
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Good luck with that Ford endeavor. Even Farley said recently that their quality issues will take years to correct.

I basically expect every Ford sold within the last 1-3 years to be toast by 100,000 miles. Those cars are going to have a LOT of problems.
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I hate to hear all the troubles folks have....
Im currently researching--- to order a 2023 Traverse....
All my GM cars have been trouble free..... as I stare out my window and look at the 2003 Trailblazer... still going.
Id be replacing my 2010 Traverse. Wife will continue to drive her 2013 Equinox- also with the 3.6.
Why buy a tired 2023 Traverse now when the new 2024 C1 redesigns are coming out in 4Q2023? You've had the Lambda this long, why not wait a year?

If you want to go that route, Reuss just announced that the Traverse would be launching first now, instead of the Acadia (which was supposedly going to be first originally).

My money is on the sidelines waiting to see the 2024's.
GM Authority site says 2024 traverse will have minor changes.
An all new 2025 will arrive.
Says strong possibility it will be an all electric.
Though possible.
2.0 i4 turbo
3.6 lgx
3.0 twin turbo
Turbo diesel select markets
Plug in hybrid
All electric.

The keywords here are ALL New.
Yeah all new untested vehicle in real world conditions..... with glitches/gremlins that I dont want to deal with.
That means id wait till 2026 or 2027 for a 3rd gen model to have fixes put in place...
Long time to wait.
Im gonna hit 190,000 soon.
Yeah, sorry, I meant to say 2025 in my post, which is coming out Q4 next year.

I agree that I generally skip first run model years, but like you, my Lambda is getting up there and will need a replacement soon — especially since I tow with mine. I'm a little over 130,000 miles and expect to be around 150,000 by the end of 2024.

I fully expect the 2.7L I4 L3B turbo to make an appearance, completely dropping the 2.0L; and, I think the 3.6L is dying if they want to be competitive into 2030. My guess is that they will detune the 2.7L for lower trims and unlock it in stages for SLT/AT4/Denali similar to the Canyon. I think there will be enough data out on the L3B by then in terms of reliability. That'll have been 5-6 years in the field since launch in the Silverado.

As I've posted in the past, if they go this route, I expect a new transmission at a minimum (9T65 can't handle the torque) or maybe going longitudinal with the Colorado/Canyon 8-speed.

I'm hoping for the latter: that it goes longitudinal RWD and gets the 8-speed. Since GM just redesigned the 8-speed to work out the kinks (similar to the 6T75 iterations of the Lambdas), I'd be more confident taking a first model year flyer by then as long as: A, the 2.7L L3B is holding up for owners; B, it gets the redesigned 8-speed. Then at least I know the powertrain should be pretty solid.

If they throw a NA V6 in it, I'm gone.
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Typo, or you don't like the V6? If all they offer is 4 bangers, I'm out.
Naturally Aspirated V6. I would normally be against a turbo 4, but I need the torque it puts down for towing. Since I figure GM is NOT going to put a turbo V6 in, that pretty much leaves the 2.7L as the only viable option right now.
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