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This is cropped from a lengthy thread and has been locked as a reference post since it is very good. Please search for it if you'd like to comment.[/color]

You can spot a slow leak by looking for signs of dexcool leaking and drying on the timing chain cover.
Heres an example- note the trail of dry coolant (white residue).

Another thing to look for is the signs of coolant being flung by the spinning water pump pulley.

Another sign to look for is drops of coolant that has not dried.

Another sign of the leak is a little more severe- drops of coolant on the floor. (the other spot was much bigger- about 8 inches wide).
This is only 1 drop

And- if you have a much bigger leak- signs of coolant on the vehicle.

here are shots-- with the wheel turned outward-- you can clearly see coolant

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