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I went on a road trip recently and the kids were watching a DVD in the back with the wireless headphones. After about an hour one of them pushed the power button on the rear console and turned off the rear audio controls which turned the wireless headphones off and turned the speakers on. I tried to push it again to turn the system back on and it would not turn on. When we stopped at a rest stop I shut the car down and it worked right after that.

Anybody else have a problem with this?

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Were the headphones in the "ON" position? If I am not mistaken the rear entertainment system will not turn on unless the headphones are on. I could be wrong but I will check later on.
from page 312 of the manual:

Infrared transmitters are located at the rear of the
RSE overhead console. The headphones shut off
automatically to save the battery power if the RSE
system and RSA are shut off or if the headphones
are out of range of the transmitters for more than
three minutes. If you move too far forward or step
out of the vehicle, the headphones lose the audio
The headphones automatically turns off after
four hours of continuous use.

Or it could be you accidentially turned on the Parental Control feature:

page 311 of the manual:

Parental Control
The RSE system may have a Parental Control
feature, depending on which radio you have.
To enable Parental Control, press and hold the
radio power button for more than two seconds to
stop all system features such as: radio, video
screen, RSA, DVD and/or CD. While Parental
Control is on, a padlock icon displays.
When the radio is turned back on, Parental
Control is unlocked.[/color]
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