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Hi all. Was hoping for some input before I jump back into this nightmare of my 2014 Acadia SLT 102k miles

About 3weeks ago it started intermittently doing rough shaky idle at start up. Scanned a P0304 cylinder 4 misfire.
I noticed a clicking buzzing noise from the front mid/driver side when the car was off. Made the battery die 2 different nights. Open/stuck fuel injector?
A week ago my wife was leaving for work and the car was shaking worse than it ever has and blew cloudy white smoke from the exhaust for about 2minutes. I ran the codes and it turned into a P0300 multiple cylinder misfire and a P050D cold start/rough idle.

I was worried it was severe and got diagnosed at the dealership. They said most misfires from cylinder 4. Recommend replacing all 6 injectors. $2400.
I purchased 3 injectors, pressure sensor, 2 high pressure fuel lines, and 3 spark plugs.

Had a hell of a time with the fuel rails, but got everything put in after 2 long nights.
When I had the rails and lines installed I turned the ignition on off and back on to see if there was any leaks. There was none, but I didn't realize until later that I didn't have the gas cap on. (Don't know if this would result in not pressurizing fuel lines?)
Had the rest of the parts put together, cleared the codes and started the car. Bad motor shake kind of evened out after a minute. Didn't sound too good and check engine light flashing.
  • P069E Fuel Pump Control Module Requested MIL Illumination
  • P00C6 Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low
  • P0306 Cylinder 6 misfire
  • P1682 Driver 5 Line 2
  • P2534 Ignition Switch Run/Start Position Circuit Low

If you made it thru, I appreciate your time. This is becoming quite the stressor in my life right now. Any ideas or input will go a long way. Thanks!
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