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I own a GMC Acadia 2014, with 130,000 km on it. Two months back, on a hot sunny day, my son complaint that the fan on the roof behind the passenger seat is not blowing cold air. The rest of the vents were working perfectly. But the next day it was fine and was cooling normally. About 3 weeks back while driving, I noticed fog coming out of the center vents for few seconds and then it disappeared. For the last week I could hear a hissing sound coming from the center vents for few seconds whenever I would turn the AC on/off.
Today it was 31 degree celcius at my place in the afternoon and the car was almost not cooling at all. I switched off the AC for a while and when I turned it on it would blow cold air from the vents on drivers side but not on the passenger side where it continued to blow warm air. Now in the night, the AC was working fine and cooling the car appropriately.

I guess its a refrigerant leak from some where, maybe a slow leak which is usually more worrisome. I would go for a checkup at the mechanic but expertise here are limited. I understand that a leak from compressor seal, condenser and evaporator are usually slow.

I need opinion regarding how to approach this issue and is it possible that it can be leaks from hoses, connections and pipes ?

Your input shall be highly appreciated.
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