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Announcing an all new web site at GM dedicated to your Lambda vehicle. Get tips and answers to the most common questions about the GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook, and the Buick Enclave.

Here is a list of what is covered (as of 12/03/2007)

Frequently Asked Questions: [/color]
  • How can I keep the dome lamps turned off when a door is opened?
  • My display doesn't work unless I am stopped. Why?
  • Many roads are not displayed on my friend's Garmin system shows them, why can't I get them on my GM system?
  • The estimated time is not accurate, why can't I input my speed on different types of roads?
  • My vehicle makes a buffetting noise with the rear windows open...why and what can I do?
  • My vehicle seems to be hunting for gears and shifting a lot, is that normal?
  • I can't get my car to remote start. What do I need to do?
  • My car won't remote start unless I am close to it, is this normal?
  • I don't understand the cruise control button functions.
  • I can't find the button for the rear wiper. It used to be on the steering column, where is it?
  • I pushed my "hot shot" button and nothing happened?
  • Just before my "hot shot" works, a lot of fluid dribbles out onto the hood. Is this normal?
  • "Hot Shot" seems to use a lot of fluid. Can I shut it off if my window is clean?
  • I got a message that says "fluid heating". What does that mean?
  • I thought I had manual front seat back recliners but all the seat does is go up and down.
  • What does the knob on the inside of the front seat do?
  • How do I get into the third row?
  • What happens to all the stuff that falls into the tracks?
  • How do I adjust the seats fore-aft?
  • How do I fold flat?
  • Why do the seats move by themselves when I shut the car off?
  • How do I set the memory for the seats?
  • My AC blows cold air on high even when it's not very hot outside. Is this normal?
  • The front air is blowing cold and the rear air is blowing hot (or vice versa), how can I make them the same?
  • The rear air control indicates 0 to 12, what does that mean?
  • How do I turn the rear air off?
  • My daughter who weighs about 100 lbs sometimes turns the passenger airbag on and sometimes not. Is something wrong with the system?
  • Where is the battery located?
  • How do I jump the car if the battery is under the rear seats?
  • How do I open the sunshade for the 2nd row skylight?
  • Sometimes my power liftgate doesn't work when I open with my RKE, is there a problem?

TIPS: [/color]
  • When using the RKE to operate the Power Liftgate, hold the button for 1 second.
  • Did you know if you have difficulty ejecting a DVD or CD, holding the eject button down for 5 seconds will eject the CD/DVD out of your player.

If you see someone post a question about something on this list please point them to the FAQ! I recommend the moderators consider printing this out and using it to point members to a more formal answer to the common questions about our Lambdas.

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Hey, I wonder if they got some of their material from us here on the forum? Sounds like a lot of our issues. We are an informed bunch in constant communication, I must say. ;D

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Yup, this will be going into the FAQ board soon. Thanks for posting!!
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