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Do you like the new GM Logo and possible use on our future Acadias?

  • I think the traditional GM Logo is classic and shouldn't be messed with.

    Votes: 10 90.9%
  • I think the new GM Logo they chose is about time.

    Votes: 1 9.1%
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I like the odor of acetylene in the evening. 1610541471681.png

Light from oil vs carbide back in the day was like halogen vs HID (or LED) now. The Prestolite system with acetylene in compressed gas cylinders eliminated the need to 'charge' carbide lamps each time they were used.

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So last week this appeared in a number of articles.
GM wants to update the company logo with one that would go along more with the upcoming EV products planned both now and in the future.
By extension . . . how many would not mind having the emblem below in the nice, pretty power blue letters?

Maybe after the Acadia and more EVs show up for sale and are common place?
This . .?
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Or This - - - -
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GM Traditional Logo - - - -
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My 2019 LT Acadia is badged as a Holden, then they pulled out of Australia, so I think blacking it out may be a good idea.
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