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I have a 2015 Acadia SLE and about 2 years ago I had an issue with my windows not rolling up or down. They would randomly pause While still holding the button in whatever direction I rolling it, then go and stop and go until they were finally up or down all the way. Completely sporadic when this would happen. Oddly, when I was rolling up two windows at the same time, they paused and started at the same time. This is still an ongoing issue.

Fast forward to a month ago, I started getting service airbag, service stabilitrack, no crank (only happened a couple of times), and for the first time today (7/27/20) service theft deterrent light and message on DIC. These messages are only lasting 5-10 seconds upon initial startup, and are never displayed at the same startup, one DIC “service” message per startup.

3/23/20 - I took it to the dealership, they initially changed 2 window switches along with an engine mount, but that did not fix the window issues.

6/26/20 - I had a check engine light so I took it back to the dealership. Error code U0073 Control Module Communication Bus “A” Off. The windows were still randomly stopping and now I am getting the random “service airbag” message. Also, I had a no crank issue 2x by this point. They kept it for a week and blamed it on a bad battery.

7/10/20 - new battery installed. STILL having all the same issues, although the check engine light and code U0073 went away.

7/14/20 - called and spoke to shop foreman, told him About the battery and that I felt the car is unreliable. Back to the shop for another 10 days. Found BCM has short to ground, replaced BCM. A/C actuator our of range, and replaced A/C mode actuator.

Today 7/27/20 - All that and still having he issues plus an extra “service“ message on the DIC issues. I went back to meet the shop foreman and he basically said I have no idea and sent me in my way.

Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to get all the info out for a good response.
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