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Collapse of crossover market hurts automakers

Despite the headline, much of the story deals with SUVs, but some relates to the Lambda:
The crossover market as a whole peaked this year in March, with all automakers selling 222,055, according to Autodata Corp. Sales dropped in April, rebounded in May and then slid in June to 184,871, down nearly 17 percent from March.

Many industry analysts expect the crossover slump to continue but end when people eventually trade in the SUVs that are on the road now.

Auto companies make less on crossovers, although it's not clear how much because they vary so much in size and equipment*, he said. And that gap is closing as SUV values continue to plummet, Toprak said.

Many industry analysts worry that the longer the crossover slump lasts, the more cash the troubled Detroit Three will burn as they try to survive the economic downturn. All have lost billions in the past few years as the market has shifted away from trucks to cars.

* Really? I never noticed this. :p Maybe this explains why an SLT-2 loaded costs 150% of the base unit. Maybe in the future we can get more choices for equipment by model level.
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