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I want a mobile office in my Acadia. ;D


I did not get the 110V option which is installed at the rear portion of the console, so I am may go to the dealer to see what it would cost to add it. Anyone know how many watts can this unit handle?

I know you can get an aftermarket unit for $20-$40, but I prefer the clean look that a power supply integrated into the console would give me.

Coleman does makes one for $30, about the size of a standard 5 outlet power strip, but with only one 100V outlet and a USB power outlet, that fits pretty well in the compartment in the front passenger floor area, near where the passenger's left foot would be. The only problem is that if you connect this to the 12 volt power supply at the back of the console, it is not switched off when the key is off and this would seemingly drain the battery if left on overnight.


Also, I am on the road a lot and need my laptop accessible. I was looking at some mounts on eBay that look like they might be pretty clean. (Item number 110143078491). I bought one so I will let you know how it goes.

However, I thought that something using the two cupholder as a base for the platform would prevent drilling into the floorboard. ( Item number: 170131723085 )

So I bought one of these too to see if it can be attached to the laptop platform.


Finally, I could not find any outlets in the back area (even though my buddy's Toureg has factory 110v outlets in his cargo area), and want to get a small printer (HP Deskjet 450) secured in the back or hidden in the cargo compartment. This printer accepts a bluetooth connection so I don't have to run a printer cable and it has rechargeable batteries so this will probably work for my occassional printing needs.

Has anyone tried to do any of this mobile office configuration in their Acadia? Any suggestions? Thanks! :cheers:
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