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Hey all,

I'd like to start by thanking everyone for providing feedback on this forum! I've only owned my Acadia for about 2 weeks, and have already found this forum invaluable. I am having a very similar problem to that which is discussed multiple times throughout this forum regarding TSB# 07-05-25-005: Excessive ABS Initialization Noise (link below), and ended up bringing it in yesterday.

The dealer service department said they couldn't find anything, and said they'd call GM engineers and get back to me. At any rate, I finally heard back from them tonight, and before asking them about the fore-mentioned TSB, they tried telling me there's some "memory module" that tries to figure out your driving conditions and adjusts based on your driving patterns. Has anyone heard of any such thing (I sure haven't!). Sounds to me as if they're trying to get out of any further action. They went on to tell me to continue to drive it 'til the first oil change, and if it continued, they'd look into it further at that point. I then suggested looking into the TSB I found on this forum (07-05-25-005), and he said they'd "look into it". I'm waiting to hear back from them (they said they'd call back tonight), so we'll see what happens, but again, I'd like to thank everyone for their participation, w/o it, I wouldn't have been able to find this information.


UPDATE: They just called back and claimed that they did look into the TSB I mentioned, and are claiming that's not the issue, but instead it's something in the drive train / transmission. He said it's a cellenoid, and mentioned some system in the transmission called CAPS which is related to the memory of driving condition, but he didn't recall what the acronym stood for. he said to keep an eye/ear on it, and if it got worse, to bring it back in, otherwise, wait 'til the first oil change, and if it wasn't corrected, they'd revisit. I'll try and keep this post updated...

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