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Map Sensor

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Do they make differant style map sensors for a 2018 slt awd. I only ask cause I ordered one from autozone and the connection on it is a lot bigger then what I have
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Autozone Map Sensor

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looks like the one i pulled from my acadia
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Interesting. I looked at rockauto and both come up.
Check it out.
I would order the brand that looks wike what you have. Wonder if there was a mid year change?
I have no idea if there was a mid year change finally got the right sensor ( the smaller one) installed it started up the truck with no problems. Went to take the wife to the store and the check engine light came back on so i got out my obd II reader now i'm getting a P018C Fuel Pressure Sensor B Circuit Low o_O
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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