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I have been communicating with several dealerships the past two weeks and
none have been willing to come down off MSRP that much, and the trade-in $$
they've been offering me for my minivan has been wholesale at best.
Furthermore, the vehicles I have been looking at haven't been exactly what
I'm looking for, because they've either had too many or too few of the
options of interest.
So I went off to a dealership (one I had not discussed a trade-in with)
last weekend with the belief that I would walk away with an order in for
an Acadia that met my exact needs. I had given into the fact that I would
pay up for exactly what I wanted. Until I realized that they really,
really wanted to get rid of an SLT-2 AWD w/ sunroof, cargo controls, DVD,
trailering, and 19's. MSRP over $41K. It had been around since the end of
December. 2K miles on the odometer. It wasn't the color combination that
I wanted the most, but the final price made me overlook that detail
We dickered around with other Acadia that were available at other
dealerships that loosely met my requirements, but they told me up front
that it would cost for the shipping of the vehicle from an alternate
location. I can understand that...everyone needs to make a buck. But it
was obvious they wanted to sell me the one they had....I think they asked
me three times about it! Can't blame 'em. And they certainly didn't want
to put in an order for one (and I would risk losing the incentives).
As we putzed around some more, with no real progress being made, another
salesman drove the SLT-2 around from the front of the lot and parked it
right outside the dealership where I was sitting....and as you know,
dealership showrooms are surrounded by nothing but glass! So there it was.
The salesman said "There's your car." And I told him again I wasn't
interested. We were an hour into discussions at this point.
Another fifteen minutes or so passed, again with no progress being made on
other Acadia, so I nonchalantly said "Give me a price on your SLT-2." Off
he went to his manager and he came back with a quote of $4250 off MSRP
including the $2000 in incentives ($1000 cash back and $1000 ConQuest). He
showed me the vehicle delivery sheet with a dealer invoice of about $800
over what you would see on Edmunds. There were a couple of $400 adds that
had to do with advertising, etc.. In any event, that quote put me at $1200
below what an Edmunds invoice would be. That opened my eyes immediately,
because no other dealership was even close to where they were. Best I kept
hearing with respect to price from other dealers was an invoice price after
all rebates.
At that point, I tossed them my minivan keys and asked them for a trade in
value, expecting more of the same BS about how they can only offer
wholesale because it's a minivan,, their losing their popularity, it has no options, blah, blah, blah. But much to my happiness, this dealership also ran a fairly sizable used car business as
well....meaning they probably would try to resell it vs. auctioning it.
So I went off on a nice 1/2 hour test drive in the SLT-2 while they took a
look at my minivan.
Sat back down at the desk when I came back and the salesman put the numbers
in front of me. I nearly fell off my seat. They were offering me a trade
in value more than double what two other dealerships offered me! I did my
best to remain calm and to look somewhat disappointed at the new quote.
WOW!!! :eek: They were offering me 35% more on my trade than what KBB showed!!!
The calculated numbers then showed that I was $11500 below MSRP. I figured
I would press for more, although I would have signed if I was $9500 below
MSRP. I sucked down a few glasses of water along with a cup of coffee to
calm myself down a bit before counter offering.
Got them down another $700 for a delivery price of the SLT-2 for $12.2K
below MSRP. And they agreed to throw in winter mats! ;D
Yes, it wasn't the color combo I originally wanted. And yes, the car
already has 2K miles on it. I simply could not ignore what they were offering me for my trade in.
The opportunity was knocking so **** loud I couldn't resist!
I also got a 72/100 GMPP for just over dealer cost.

After running some more numbers in comparison to other Acadia I was looking
at at other dealerships, I figure I paid a solid $3500 less for the vehicle that MSRP'ed for
more than $2100 vs. the other ones I was looking at, a swing of $5600! And I got all the
extra goodies with it because it is an SLT-2, and all the others I was looking at were SLT-1's.

I'M A VERY HAPPY AND LUCKY PERSON....thanks for reading. Good luck to you

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I love stories with happy endings and the good guy wins!


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Awesome pipes! Congrats! Be sure to take some photos...


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Now THATS what I'm talking about!
Did you jump up and give him a chest bump like on that Insurance TV commercial? :D LOL

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Congrats on the new car and the great story!

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Great job Pipes. Congrat's and good luck with your new Acadia!

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Great story! Reminds me of a fortune cookie that I still save the fortune from- "All good things come to those with patience".

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Congrats Pipes! Now that is a story you can tell for the rest of your life!

Thanks for sharing the victory!!!
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