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Just curious what your thoughts are? We really like the Acadia, but have never owned a GM car before and just hesitant to buy. So, we are debating to lease the car for say 36 months. If we still love the car at the end of term and assuming there's no major issues, buy it.

Generally speaking, would I lose more money in finance charges from leasing then buying it in the end? Versus just purchasing it up front?

I just assume you'll get screwed going this way. Am I wrong?


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Not necessarily --

When you lease you pay interest on the price of the entire vehicle and you pay the principle
between the negotiated Capitlization cost, and the residual value.

If the money factor (read interest rate (take money factor and multiply by 24 to
convert to interest %) is the same as what you could get if you were buying,
then you should be no worse off than buying.

Now where YOU are likely to get in trouble is you have a lot to educate yourself about leasing.
A dealership is likely to confuse the bejesus out of you with terminology you are not used
to and will be tossing figures out at you that you can't grasp the true meaning of.

There are also some states which have rather onerous tax rules for leased vehicles.

I'm not saying stay away from leasing -- just be well educated. I think leasing can be fine,
but it takes a smart individual willing to due their homework and take the time to work
the numbers.

good luck!

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