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It seems like most of us consumers are quick to complain about poor treatment by a company, but we don't often publicize good service.

Today, I received excellent treatment from a Salt Lake City company which sells wheels and accessories. Many of their products are take offs or otherwise used.

The company is BTi Wheels. (

In August, I bought a set of take-off alloy wheels and used TPMS sensors from them for snow tires on the Acadia.

At the time, they weren't sure if the sensors would work with the Acadia, but they thought they'd be ok. Since they were only $25/ea I figured it was worth the gamble. New ones seem to be about twice that.

They said if I had any problem, that I should contact them and they would take care of me. I explained that I wouldn't know if they worked until closer to winter, 2+ months away from the date of purchase. Their response was, "No problem!"

Well, I've now taken the sensors with me to a tire shop, who looked up the sensors and concluded that they indeed would not be compatible with the Acadia computer.

So, I called BTi and explained my situation. They checked their stock for other GM sensors. They called a GM dealer and determined that none of their in-stock sensors would work with the Acadia. So, they called me back, apologized for my inconvenience, and asked me to return the sensors for a refund. These were used sensors that I've had in my possession for just over two months.

I was pretty worried that I'd be stuck with these suddenly useless sensors, and I was very relieved to return them for a full refund. Beyond the refund, their friendly and professional attitude was so nice.

I'd go back to them in a second the next time I need wheels.

So, anyway, here's a little plug for someone who treated me right. And, no, I don't have any ownership or personal connection with them.
(The owner is not my brother-in-law ;D)

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Wouldn't it be great if everyone did business like that? Amazing they took used parts back, no hassle or restocking fee after two months! I'll keep them in mind with an entry in my browser favorites for the next time my wheels need some wheels!
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