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Found this article on cypress here is the link and article in case the link does not work

Flexible seats and other innovations enhance cabin appeal for GMC Acadia

DETROIT, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The new 2007 GMC Acadia crossover
sport- utility vehicle (SUV) from General Motors is among the many cars and
trucks on the exhibit floor at this year's North American International
Auto Show (NAIAS) that feature interior content designed and manufactured
by Johnson Controls. This vehicle offers a wide range of cabin innovations
from Johnson Controls, including "Smart Slide" second-row seating;
third-row seats with Open Seating(TM) technology; a full-featured overhead
system; electronics; cargo-management system; battery; and more.
(Logo: )
Johnson Controls served as the interior integrator for the 2007 GMC
Acadia, which is among the highly touted new models on the NAIAS main
exhibit floor at Detroit's Cobo Center.
As a major supplier of automotive batteries, seating, interior systems
and electronics, Johnson Controls was sourced to supply a wide array of
systems and components for the Acadia: all three rows of seats, and the
overhead system; cargo system; battery; and advanced vehicle electronics,
including the instrument cluster, and Johnson Controls' HomeLink(R)
Wireless Control System.
"The GMC Acadia is a great vehicle with outstanding interior appeal,
functions and features," said Jeff Williams, group vice president and
general manager of the Johnson Controls automotive experience business in
North America. "Car buyers increasingly are influenced by automotive
interiors, which makes me confident that this new General Motors model is
destined to be a winner in the marketplace."
Johnson Controls collaborated with General Motors to develop the
innovative Smart Slide feature for the second-row seats, which is being
offered as standard equipment in the new SUV. It enables quick, easy
movement of the seats to provide access to the third-row area.
Engineers have developed this system to achieve the lowest possible
effort for easy, single-hand operation, while delivering significantly
improved ingress/egress space. The seat can be moved easily by pivoting the
second-row seat cushion up and forward, while sliding the seat back forward
toward the front seats. The Smart Slide feature works independently on a
60/40 split bench seat, as well as captain's chairs. An additional benefit
of Smart Slide is the four inches of fore-aft travel offered for the
second-row seats. This can help accommodate passengers with long legs
seated in either the second or third row, or provide increased storage
The 2007 GMC Acadia is among the first production vehicles to feature
the Johnson Controls Open Seating(TM) technology. When the third row of
seats is deployed, it offers comfort and styling similar to front- or
second- row seats. When the third-row seat is stowed, a significant amount
of cargo- storage capacity is gained.
Open Seating seats have comfort-enhancing side bolsters that fold
completely flat when the seat is stowed. The seats deploy or stow away
easily with one fluid motion, to create a zero-degree, fold-flat load
floor, creating best-in-class cargo room.
"Consumers expect comfort no matter where they're sitting in a vehicle,
and Open Seating helps to satisfy this important expectation, while not
compromising the needs for cargo space," said Williams.
Overhead systems supplied by Johnson Controls for the new General
Motors vehicles include headliners, sun visors, and overhead console. The
vehicle also features the Johnson Controls HomeLink(R) Wireless Control
System. It can be used to remotely operate garage doors, estate gates, rear
and front door locks, home security and lighting systems, and other
convenience and safety devices.
As previously announced, Johnson Controls also supplies seating,
interiors, and electronics content for the Saturn Outlook. This vehicle --
featuring a wide range of interior innovations from Johnson Controls -- is
on display at the company's NAIAS exhibit in room D2-15 at Cobo Center.
Seating and overhead systems for the GMC Acadia are manufactured in
Delta Township, Michigan by Bridgewater Interiors. The company is a
minority-owned joint venture between Johnson Controls and Epsilon
Technologies, LLC.
Johnson Controls is a global leader in automotive experience, building
efficiency and power solutions. The company provides innovative automotive
interiors that help make driving more comfortable, safe and enjoyable. For
buildings, it offers products and services that optimize energy use and
improve comfort and security. Johnson Controls also provides batteries for
automobiles and hybrid electric vehicles, along with systems engineering
and service expertise. Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) has 136,000 employees
in more than 1,000 locations serving customers in 125 countries. Founded in
1885, the company is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For additional
information, please visit .

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Very cool. I'd love to see how they design from the ground-up, from concept to production and all the trials and tribulations.

I worked with someone who used to work at GM, working in their engineering department. He said, just to perfect the way little things like vent louvres move, the resistance they offer while moving them, how they hold up in extreme temperatures...involved hours / days / weeks of effort. Just for vents.

Too bad there's no "making of" vids out there for the Acadia. (unless they really ARE assembled automatically out on the street by flying windows and household amenities?) ;D

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Its not a secret that most GM suppliers based their factory outside of the US to cut on cost....

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Johnson Controls is a very large company. I have a friend who works there and worked on the Acadia design. He was one of the first to come check out my car and went over it with a fine tooth comb, he hadn't seen one on the road at the time.
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