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I have a precocious 3 yr old who would love to open the doors and windows (and did frequently during our test drives)... is there a safety switch in the 2nd row doors that prevents the window from rolling down all the way and also force the door to be opened from the outside only?


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There is a switch on the driver door that disables the window controls. There is also a child safety lok on the door. Just turn the knob and the dorr cannot be opened from the inside.

Found those right away as my 2 ear old had great fun opening the window and pulling on the door handle with his foot

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You can lock the windows from the driver seat, but there is no lock that only allows the windows to go down 1/2 way - there is also a door lock built into the door - it is not a switch but more like a lock, you have to turn it, yhou can use your ignition key to turn it or a screwdriver.

From page 108 in manual:

Rear Door Security Locks
Your vehicle has rear door security locks. These
prevent passengers from opening the rear
doors from the inside.
The rear door security
locks are located on the
inside edge of each rear
door. You must open the
rear doors to access
them. The label showing
lock and unlock
positions is located
near the lock.
To set the locks, do the following:
1. Insert the key into the security lock slot and
turn it so the slot is in the horizontal position.
2. Close the door.
When you want to open a rear door when the
security lock is on, do the following:
1. Unlock the door using the remote keyless entry
transmitter, if the vehicle has one, the power
door lock switch, or by lifting the rear door
manual lock.
2. Open the door from the outside.
To cancel the rear door security lock, do the
1. Unlock the door and open it from the outside.
2. Insert the key into the security lock slot and
turn it so the slot is in the vertical position.

Page 117 of manual:

Window Lockout
(Window Lockout): The window lockout
switch is located with the power window switches
on the driver’s door armrest. This feature
prevents the rear passenger windows from
operating, except from the driver’s position. Press
the switch to turn the lockout feature on or off.
An indicator light will come on to show the lockout
feature is on.
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