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Quoting ispperformance:
"Ok, after about $20 in DVD-DL Coasters I figured this out..... Software I used was DVD Decrypter to create the image, insert NAV disc, and then click decrypt. Keep in mind to keep the write speed as slow as possible 1x. I then used IMGBurn to burn my image, but first I used the verify feature to make sure the image and the disc were coherent. Know here is the part that makes it or breaks it. You have to have a DVD Burner that you can change the book type to DVD-ROM. I started using a Lite-On DVD Burner that I was able to change the book type in IMGBurn, but that didn't matter because the burner itself could not write DVD-ROM booktype. So I started researching my 3 DVD-Burners and Found that the Samsung in my work PC was the ticket. So when you burn the image using IMGBurn, make sure you have a dvd-burner that supports DVD-ROM booktype, and change the booktype to DVD-ROM in the IMGBurn Program. Next you want to burn the image as slow as possible 1x. This process worked for me, created create back-ups that I have tested on a few road trips. I hope this helps you guys, if you have any problems or questions let me know."

Seems like a good idea considering these discs are $199 from GM. Click the link at the top to read the entire thread.
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