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Here are a few ideas to assist in making a more educated and cost-effective new automobile purchase:

1. Conduct research via reviews, end-user reports, forums, statistics from various agencies, take a few test drives (during the day & night with various road/weather conditions if possible) testing ALL functions, utilities, seats (with children's car seats if you have them); see if there are any recalls, etc.

2. Price the vehicle at Edmunds
A. Click on the New Cars Tab.
B. Enter your zip code.
C. Browse the desired vehicle by Category or Make.
D. Pick a Model.
E. Choose a Style.
F. If you want quotes from dealers, fill-in the requisite info.; if not, X-out of the pop-up window.
G. With the Pricing Tab highlighted, click on Price with Options.
H. Select the desired Options and Color.
I. Copy (using a screen capture utility) all 3 totals of the TMV Pricing Report and paste it to a file (such as Word) if you’re amassing data about the vehicle on a computer; or simply print a hardcopy of the TMVPR.

3. Get insurance quotes.

4. Get financing quotes.

5. Tactfully work with the Fleet Manager at a few given dealerships and see how close each comes to invoice. Given that, you may find this article of interest; not that the idea is a true secret, but incase you didn’t know…
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