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Hi guys--

This is my first post on this forum; I just got my Acadia about 3 weeks ago and love it.

However, I have a question about the headrest DVDs in my vehicle. My dealer installed them; I believe they are the Invision brand units. Anyway, my dealer told me that only the center drop-down model comes with wireless headphones and a remote control, while the headrest units do not. Now that I've played with them a bit, I think he's wrong -- I cannot control the volume or other options without the remote control, and everything I've read indicates that headphones should be provided with these units.

I looked on my window sticker and it says I got a "Dual Headrest DVD Player (Dealer Installed)" for a list price of $1930. Seems like i should get more for this price.

Can anyone confirm and advise as to how I should approach my dealer for these? And are they easy to integrate once I get them?


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Welcome to the forum.

I bought the Lambda specific dual DVD headrests as GM parts new in box from ebay and got one remote and two pairs of headphones. Someone is pulling your leg. You paid for the accessory, so you need to have all of it. The dealer needs to provide these to you since they should have been in the box from GM. They will work with any other headrest unit, so yours may have been cannibalized by someone.

Here is a link to GM Accessory Zone:
Look at the link for the dual headrest DVD players.

The picture clearly shows the remote and two headphones.

Additionally, the ordering guide (link in Blues Clues below) shows this:
UJ5 NEW! Limited Promotion Option, Entertainment system, rear seat DVD player, includes 2 headrest-mounted 7-inch diagonal LCD monitors, dual built-in DVD players, 2 wireless headphones and wireless remote

UJ5 is the option code you ordered to get them.

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I re-read this post while looking for an answer to something else.
It's frustrating to answer a question and find out the member never bothered to stick around and read it:
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Oh well, the answer is here for the next guy. :)
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