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So I'm helping a friend get his 2009 Acadia AWD up and running. He purchased it with a bad timing chain. We replaced the timing components (along with new actuators and gears), but the fuel pump in the tank won't turn on when called. If we feed it fuel, or jump the fuel pump in the Fuel system control module it will run until it's uses what fuel was sent to the engine. We followed the diagnostic stuff on, but still nothing conclusive.

1. Fuel pump runs when jumped in the FSCM plug

2. No signal on pin 13 (DK Green/White wire) in the FSCM plug from the ECM. Checked while off, on, and cranking.

3. Checking pin 10 on plug 2 (not 50 as flash GM stated, Chilton stated 50 on each harness was something unrelated) as pin 10 was the DK Green/White wire and said it goes to the FSCM. Got 12v when turning the key to ON, then it drops to 2.49v.

4. We've Ohm'd from:
FSCM plug to the bulk head plug behind/beside the spare tire. Wire was fine.
Bulk head from above to the DK Green/White wire in the loom in the hatch. Wire was fine.

5. We pinned into the DK G/W wire in the ECM, clipped to a wire we ran back to the hatch, then hooked it up to the DK G/W wire and we would lose all voltage. Fuel pump still wouldn't power on.

Not sure if we're chasing a broken wire, ECM issue, FSCM issue, or a combination of them. Any help or direction is appreciated.
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