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This is Chicago Area so hopefully it will be relative.

Ordered brand new
SLT2 Summit White FWD
Navigation, Rear seat DVD, Sunroof, HUD and HID, 7 passenger seating.

MSRP- $42,785
Selling Price before incentives (they take them at the time of delivery)- $39,430.00
Lease Rate- 6.25%
Residual 52%
48 month lease with 15K miles per year

Due at signing:
First month+ GM Security Deposit (595) + title and doc (250)

Monthly payment with taxes rolled into the payment $588 per month
I live in one of the highest sales tax areas 7.25%
You can probably take $60 off the monthly payment to get a better idea if you are willing to pay taxes up front.

This took me forever to get this deal, which I think is a great one. I walked into the dealer, got a very good salesperson, told him exactly what I wanted, he came back with a high price told him, he lowered right to my target number. We were done within 20 minutes. I ordered new, so you should be able to get right at invoice wihtout any incentives.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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