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First Impressions – 2009 GMC Acadia FWD.

Having driven the Acadia for 500 miles, I must say this is by far the
Best vehicle I’ve owned.

Exterior: The fit and finish is flawless. I have walked around this vehicle inspecting it so much, I think I’ve logged two miles (yes I’m picky)!

Interior: The interior is designed beautifully, and has a very high quality feel to it.
The Acadia has the look and feel of a fine luxury vehicle.

Ride: Balanced, smooth, and very quiet. Most importantly the Acadia has a very “predictable” ride characteristic with powerful braking.

Features: As a base model, item for item, the Acadia is a better deal than any other vehicle in its class. For example, the base Pilot is a little cheaper, but has less standard features (and steel :eek:hno: wheels- come on Honda!).

Options: At first, we only wanted the SLE, FWD with the trailering package - nothing else. We ended up with quit a few more features in order to get the quicksilver/titanium combination.

Visibility Package: I must say, even if you are on a tight budget (like us), spring for the visibility package; it’s WELL worth the money. The truth is, I would hate not having this feature.

Convenience Package: It’s a remote start and speaks for itself. We will LOVE this in the winter time. Heated washers I would not miss.

Preferred Package: Although this has a lot of neat stuff, I could pass on this package.
The Bluetooth is nice, but a Bluetooth head-set is just as good. If you have the money to buy minutes for the vehicle, or add the car’s number to your family plan, it would be a good option.

Trailering Package: It’s only $495, GET THIS OPTION! Even if you think don’t need it, GET IT! Even if you want to haul bikes, you will end up spending half of the $495 to add an inferior after market hitch.

Summary: This is a great vehicle, by far, the best I’ve owned. The Acadia SLE offers incredible quality, great ride, and more for your money than everything in its class. As far as options go, get the visibility and trailering packages even if it’s a stretch – you will appreciate these in the long run.

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Good review Copper.

We feel the same way about our SLT2. The option packages for the SLE are really not too bad considering what you get for the money. The main thing on the trailer package is the HD cooling, which could not be done after the fact for $495 unless you got the parts at cost & did your own labor. Ditto remote start, or better yet Advanced remote!

Doesn't the preferred package also give you steering wheel audio controls? I suspect you will come to enjoy these while driving.

The visibility package gives you a rear camera, so it seems like a nav unit upgrade would be a lot easier if you were so inclined.

Glad your search was successful!

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Copper thanks for the write up. :ditto: on your comment that the acadia is indeed a great vehicle. We
simply love this vehicle. :love:

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We just bought a 2009 SLE AWD this afternoon; we held off for the 2009's because of the visibility package. It was well worth the wait when you consider that we ended up with Employee Pricing, and got the upgraded engine and rear view camera. One demo was all it took; I can't believe that anybody would order one without it. We don't pick it up until Monday night, so I've got a little time to clear out some extra room in the garage since it's a little longer and wider than our old Ford Explorer.

And yes, the preferred package for the SLE gives you the audio controls on the steering wheel. We've had this on the last four vehicles we've purchased, and wouldn't consider a vehicle that didn't have it. (It's like buying a TV without a remote control...)

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Thought I would update since I've had the vehicle for almost two years and 23,000 miles.

Exterior: Found some issues with the fit and finish, don't know how I missed these.
Black plastic trim needed replacing on roof.
Paint has major defect on hood. GM offered to repaint, I wanted a full replacement,
as I don't think a re-paint will hold up with time. GM said no way :shrug:

Interior: Seat track had issue that needed replacement. Overall pretty
nice and durable. Still nice and quiet, only some occasional buzzes and creaks.

Ride: The ride is still very impressive!

Options: The only option I think is a waste is the heated washers.

Visibility Package: Must have!

Convenience Package: Remote start very nice option.

Preferred Package: Changed my mind, bluetooth option is a must have.

Trailering Package: Just get it, trust me.

Overall I love the Acadia.
Dependability / reliability could be better as I've had my Acadia in for the following issues.

Plastic trim on roof installed incorrectly. Replaced.

Windshield installed incorrectly caused damage to glass. Replaced.
Initial repair leaked, second trip necessary to fix.

Paint issue on hood. Offered to re-paint, not to my satisfaction, I'll have to live with it.

Multiple over-nighters for clicking in steering. At least 5 times and 7 days of rentals to find and fix.
Initial fix was no good (steering column).
Hopefully it is final now (rack bushing), have to wait for cold weather to be sure.

Seat track. Replaced.

Brake booster recall.

Rear seat belt recall.

Transmission re-flash.

Heated washer recall. Pending notice.

This has amounted to 10 trips to the dealership in just under two years.
This has amounted to over 15 days without my vehicle.

Summary: I still think this is a great vehicle and is my favorite of all that I owned.
The reliability / dependability is not what I feel is acceptable though. On the plus side
all of these issues have been fixed under warranty, which is expected, but it is still a major
inconvenience to bring it in so much.

Knowing all of this prior to purchasing the Acadia I don't know if I would do it again.
I guess I'll see what the next 80,000 miles will bring.
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