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I'm very close to closing a deal on an 2009 Acadia SLT1. It does not come with DVD, but the dealer is throwing it (the dual headrest DVD) in for us. Not sure which brand, is there a preferred one I should ask for?

A couple of questions, I know that with the single DVD (the one on the roof in the middle), there's a DVD slot in the front of the car where the driver can place the DVD in.
With the dual headrest DVD option, my understanding is that each headrest has its own DVD slot, and each kid/person can play their own DVD which is cool.

Is there any way to play 1 DVD for both headrests? (I think the answer is yes) If so, how do you do this?

I'm assuming you can, but just double checking, if doing the above (playing 1 DVD), can you 'pipe' the audio to the speakers? Can the movie audio be limited to the back (2nd and 3rd row) speakers only - while the front speakers (driver and co-pilot) can listen to radio/CD?

Is there any way to drive both headrests from the front DVD slot? is that not there anymore when you get the dual headrest DVD option?
I can see being on the road for more than a couple of hours and you need to switch to another DVD, and if you have a child that is in a car seat, it is difficult for the driver or the co-pilot to change the DVD. How do people do it right now? without having to completely stop the car or doing some interesting body twists? :)

What happens to the space in the front (below the navi/radio system) where the single DVD goes in?


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the dual headrest system the dealer will most likely put in is the GM accessory Invision revolution II seires... It has 2headrests each with their own DVD players. You can play a DVD in Monitor A and display it on monitor B. The headrest these are installed in are the driver and front passenger seats only for this model.
The DVD is very easy to change when driving down the road by the co-pilot or even a talented driver :thumb:. The sound can be played by wireless headphones, or through the entire car audio system with the FM modulator. not limited to 2nd and 3rd row speakers... You can also get a small set of speakers and play the audio throught the 2nd row audio controls, and still use XM up front.
The DVD player for the other overhead system is mounted in the Dash and replaces the base stereo.

lots on info about this system on the site here, search headrest
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