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To follow up my detailed install at:

I have a power draw problem and it is not has simple as a wire reversed or something. :banghead:

This is a lengthy post. I just wanted to provide all the detail as possible. Please note I am not an expert, but I know my way around.
Car = 2008 GMC Acadia
DVD = Pyle PLRD92 (new in 2008)

I have run into a problem with this installation and it seems to be related to the Acadia’s power discharge avoidance system. (where your dome/reading light will go off after 10 minutes if you leave it on with the ignition off).

PROBLEM: Mysterious Power draw develops 10 minutes after doors closed ONLY if overhead DVD is connected. However – it does not drain through the DVD. Let me explain, maybe someone can help.

There are 3 wires in my dome light cable that I have feeding my overhead DVD:

Orange : +12V constant power
Black : gound (-)
Grey : goes positive (+12v) if door is open.

Note: ALL EXAMPLES have the ignition off.

Problem scenarios:

For the 1st 10 minutes after the door is closed: Orange wire carries full battery voltage (13.1v)

At the 10 minute mark, there is a small click in the dash area and the voltage on the orange wire drops to about 11.5V, but the battery still reads full voltage with virtually no draw on the battery.

B) ---WITH Orange wire hooked to DVD positive and Black wire hooked to DVD negative ---
For the 1st 10 minutes it is the same as above where the orange reads FULL battery voltage (and the standby power draw of the DVD is measured at .012A). Otherwise, battery voltage is not being drained significantly.

At the 10 minute mark, the orange wire drops to about 9.5 volts and immediately the battery voltage begins to drop (.1 V every 1 minute or so) ALTHOUGH the draw though the DVD is still .012A. CONCLUSION – there is power being dumped somehow elsewhere in the system due to the small load of this DVD (.012A)


1) TEST 1 - In B – If I click on another dome light/reading light (or even open the door) AFTER the 10 minutes, the voltage on the ORANGE wire jumps back (from 9.5V) to normal battery voltage and the battery voltage slowly recovers from it dropping rate. However, if the dome light is clicked off or the door is closed the problem returns in 10 minutes.

2) TEST 2 - In B – If I also turn on a dome light at the beginning (or at least BEFORE this 10 minute threshold), it will go out at the 10 min mark. HOWEVER – this time the orange wire goes to ZERO volts as the dome light has tripped the relay on this circuit to prevent the battery being drawn down (like it should). Why doesn't it doe this with only the DVD drawing power.

What is the deal??? The only thing I can GUESS is that since the DVD player’s standby draw is so low (.012A) compared to a dome light that the relay does not trip out as usual and the dome light circuit itself goes into some kind of standby with slightly reduced voltage – but what's up with the leak that starts only then. I just don’t get it.

I know I could go find power somewhere else to avoid this circuit, but that might be tough with airbags in every pillar. There has to be a workaround or at least an explanation!

As it is, the only way I could avoid the draw on my battery when the ignition is of is to intentionally turn on a dome light every time I exit the car! (so that this circuit gets shut down).

Any help or suggestions?

EDIT: I have a workaround - I just got power from the console -it was easy. I have detailed pics on page 2 of the original thread at:

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dmann33 - It seems to me like you hit the nail on the head and that your DVD player is drawing enough to cause havoc but not enough for the computer to see the light as being on.

Some things come to mind.

1) You could install a resistor between the orange and black wires. If you use the correct value, it would not draw too much power but would make the computer think the circuit is on and would activate the 10 minute thing. I would hate to always count on that 10 minute thing, so I would also put a little power switch between the orange wire and the DVD power. This could be off most of the time, and if you forget to turn it off, then the 10 minute thing would kick in.

2) Find where the orange wire goes and cut it off from it's source and feed it with the proper Aux switched power.

3) Or do what it takes to run another wire. (this is probably what I would do)

Good Luck!!
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