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I found some info on the engine for us gearheads.

Displacement: 3564cc

Assembly Site: St. Catharines, Ontario

Configuration: Dual Overhead Camshaft (4 valves per cylinder)

252 HP @ 6300 rpm (Aura XR, G6 GTP, Malibu)
270 HP @ 6600 rpm (Outlook XE)
275 HP @ 6600 rpm (Outlook XR, Acadia)
240 @ 6000 rpm (LaCrosse)
252 lb.-ft. @ 3200 rpm (Aura XR, G6 GTP, Malibu)
248 lb.-ft. @ 3200 rpm (Outlook XE)
250 lb.-ft. @ 3200 rpm (Outlook XR, Acadia)
225 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm (LaCrosse)

Features: Variable Valve Timing


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OK I did swipe a little engine trans info.

The 3.6L V6 VVT is a sophisticated dualoverhead camshaft engine based on GM’s global V6
architecture. It was jointly developed at GM technical centers in Australia ,
Germany , Sweden and North America . The engine uses full fourcam phasing, rapid
data processing and torquebased engine management to optimize power, economy and
emissions performance.

In the Acadia, the 3.6L V6 VVT produces 275 horsepower (205 kW) and 251 lb.­ft.
of torque (340 Nm).* The fourcam phasing operation of the variable valve timing system
ensures linear delivery of torque across the rpm band, while features such as electronic
throttle control deliver crisp, immediate response and feedback. The engine uses electro
hydraulic vanetype phasers to rotate the camshafts relative to the camdrive sprockets,
allowing infinitely variable combinations over a range of 50 degrees.

Additional engine features include:
· Highflow aluminum cylinder heads
· Four valves per cylinder
· Dualstage variable intake manifold
· Lowrestriction induction system
· Straightrunner intake manifold
· Sequential dual spray port fuel injection
· Coilonplug ignition system
· Electronic throttle control with integrated cruise control

The aluminum intensive 3.6L V6 VVT is designed to deliver its performance with
worldclass smoothness, quietness and durability. The camshaft chain drive incorporates
a new, smallerpitch chain, which is nearly silent during operation. Other elements,
including the cam covers, an acoustically shielded intake manifold and directmounted
accessories are designed to reduce or eliminate conventional points of noise, vibration
and harshness. A long operating life is driven by heavyduty and special components,
such as a forged steel crankshaft, polymercoated pistons and oil jets that drench the
bottom of the pistons in cooling, lubricating oil.

A new HydraMatic 6T75 electronically controlled sixspeed automatic transmission
backs the 3.6L V6 VVT. It is an advanced transmission with clutchtoclutch shift
operation for front and all wheeldrive vehicles. Clutchtoclutch operation allows for
reduced complexity and compact packaging. A wide, 6.04:1 overall ratio helps the
transmission deliver both performance and fuel economy, enabling up to 8 percent
improved performance and up to 4 percent improved fuel economy when compared with
current frontwheeldrive fourspeed automatics.

The transmission’s sixgear configuration allows for a “steep” 4.48:1 first gear, which
helps deliver exceptional launch feel, and a 0.74:1 overdrive sixth gear – the “tall”
overdrive gear lowers rpm at high speeds, reducing noise and vibration. Fifth gear is 1:1
direct drive. Shorter steps between the gears, compared with a fourspeed automatic,
enhance performance and feel, as the transmission quickly finds the best gear for the
vehicle speed and road conditions. Also, the 6T75 offers the capability of driver shift
control (DSC), which allows the driver to use tapup/ tapdown shifting to select the
desired gear for specific road conditions, such as driving up a steep hill.

Acadia ’s available allwheel drive system provides increased traction on slippery roads.
The system works by always delivering a slight amount of torque to the rear wheels.
There is no driver intervention; the system automatically decides how much torque to
apply and it automatically delivers torque to the wheels that have the best traction .
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