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The defrost panel that runs along the top of the dash next to the windshield seperated from the rest of the dashboard the first week I had my acadia.
After being on backorder for two months , the defrost panel was replaced. Seven months later the defrost panel seperated again . This time they decided to replace the entire dashboard. After a three month wait, the dashboard was replaced 11-26-08. Guess what...11-27-08 the defrost panel seperated again. When I took the car back to the dealership this morning there was no concern at all from the service department. I have to take my car back next week to have the headliner replaced because of water leak damage, and have two airbag covers replaced because they were gouged so bad from the headliner being dropped four times so they said they would check it out.
This is one problem I haven't seen posted yet. Anybody else having this issue?


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