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This may be long so tldr; at the end. I recently purchased a 2015 slt with 126k miles. Did a lot of reading on here about common problems to know what to expect if I purchased the vehicle. In one of the online photos there appeared to be a check engine light on, the engine looked to be running, so the light wasn't from the ignition only being turned to run. Asked the dealership about it, came back as evap code which they corrected by tightening the gas cap. Took it for a test drive and everything was great.

Two weeks later the cel comes back, hooked up my Bluetooth reader and was the same evap code, p0496. Previous research on here lead me to believe it was either a faulty purge valve, overfilled gas tank(first fill up I did do a few extra clicks filling after it stopped, learned not to do that now), bad gas cap, or the dreaded gas tank pressure sensor. Cleared code thinking I overfilled when pumping, came back a few days later. Checked purge valve and it had a slight suction so decided to replace. Seen a few YouTube videos about replacing it as well as a forum search, $12 part, quick and easy replacement. Didn't help. Replaced gas cap and cleaned up the whole area, didn't help.

I was really hoping to not have to drop the gas tank next or take it in so I checked the new purge valve one more time as I was replacing a new problem that popped up, bad coolant temp sensor(cheap easy fix). While looking at the pictures and videos online while looking over my engine bay I finally realized the someone tried to fix this issue in the past and messed up. The pcv hose from the air intake was hooked up to the purge valve and the hose from gas tank to the crank case. The connector was electrical taped and zip tied to stay put. Put them back in their correct spots, cleared the code and so far it has not come back.

Question is, with the 2 hoses being crossed, is there any possible long term damage that could have been done to the engine from this?

Tldr; previous owner repair on the Acadia had purge valve hose and pcv hose swapped. Any long term damage to the engine from this?
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