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After driving on about 20 miles on snow/slush covered roads the other day, I happened to walk around the rear of the Acadia and discovered that the rear license plate was totally covered with a mix of slush and sand particles.
The plate had about 1/8" thick covering that if it wasnt for the black frame around it, there was no way that you could tell a license plate was affixed to the vehicle. The ride home of the same distance also resulted in this condition.

Now, its no big deal to get out and clean your plate off...............if you know it needs it. But a trip on on an interstate can become real interesting for the lack of places to pull over, the time spent using exit ramps as a cleaning spot............or the inevitable chat(s) with law enforcement officers inquiring as to the registration/ownership of your vehicle. Not to mention that a citation may issued for something like "obscured or not clearly visible license plate".

Forget the "back-up" camera, we need one for the rear license plate.
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