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Hey you Technically Inclined Members of the Forum [/color] - we need your input. ;D :help:
When I first started on this forum and in the market for a new Acadia, I asked several questions about the interior room available on the driver's side. After reading some of the responses and actually trying out the seat, I learned that the Acadia offered more room with the 7-8 person seating and cargo capacity than any other vehicle in it's class or in the "luxury" class, i.e., BMW X-5, Mercedes-Benz GL 450/550 (well, at least they don't compare in price with similar options approaching over $70,000). The Acadia rides well, has all those appointments, albiet not as refined as it's competitors, but sufficient for the price/quality. ;D ;)

Ultimately, we chose the Acadia for a variety of reasons, but the deal breaker was the driver's seat leg room that I would need to operate it comfortably. I require a minimum of 41" inches in leg room (that figure is subjective, depending upon how you actually measure the distance from the hip to the floor/pedal) with the driver' seat moved to the rear of the track and right leg fully extended. Once I actually tried the Acadia, I discovered that the measured distance was just a little short for my tastes, as was the distance between the brake pedal and accelerator, and the distance of both pedals from the floor/end of travel when depressed. ??? :-\

Does anyone know if either pedal travel is adjustable? And, if so, does it change the performance or safety of that pedal? :confused:
Is there additional "travel" available along the seat track on the driver's side? :help:
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