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So, I am driving my 2017 Acadia down the road tonight on my way home when the following all happened at once:
  • Guage cluster and center console lights went to full brightness.
  • All guages went to zero (fuel, Tach, Speedo, etc.)
  • Left front headlight went out.
  • Right rear tail light went out.
  • Warning Light for Tire Pressure monitor came on.
  • Lane Assist system shut off.
  • Info center displayed following messages:
- Trailer Brake System Issue.
- Side detection system issue.
- Tire Pressure Monitoring System Issue.

I was able to keep driving, but when I parked in my driveway and put the vehicle in park, I was unable to take the vehicle out of park again. Then I was unable to turn the car off. Eventually the car turned itself off and the lights stayed on. I had to remove the negative battery cable to turn off the lights to prevent the battery going dead. After a few minutes, I reconnected the battery cable and when I tried to start the car, nothing happened except the right front headlight came on and the left rear tail light came on and that was it. Disconnected negative battery cable again and there it sits in my driveway. Next step is to call a tow truck. Any ideas??

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Seems like your Acadia could use some professional diagnosis/repair. Could be a failure of one or more modules. BCM would be the most likely, however.
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