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Need Help!! So tired of all the issues I could run it into the river and walk away, if that wasn't illegal and crazy ugh. Seriously though, since we purchased our 07 Acadia we have had 2 transmissions replaced, the radio & speakers replaced, a leak in the a/c, replaced 3 headlights and that's unbelievable how anyone can create a vehicle that forces the owner to pay a mechanic just to replace a headlight bulb. WHO DOES THAT!!! FYI - Jiffy Lube does it now way less expensive. Back to the issue, the rear wiper broke and trust me you cannot find a replacement. We had to get one from a different make and model to fit, the windshield washer things are melted a little so they don't work properly now and my favorite, it makes a whining sound that starts when in motion in low speeds as if driving through a parking lot. But now, it's making that sound ALL THE TIME. At times it's louder and I turn the radio to try and drown out the sound but I can still hear it. My Husband topped off the power steering fluid and the whining wasn't as loud but still really annoying. You can't hear it from the outside of the acadia but definitely inside and it sounds like it's coming from the steering wheel or in that general area. I'm told it could be the power steering pump which is located in the back of the truck but I don't understand how we can hear the whining up front. We are moving in a few months 650 miles away and I honestly don't know if this truck will make it and with the move we can't purchase another one and the warranty is no longer active. UGH!! I'm sure I'm forgetting something else but whew isn't that enough!!
Hello, have you had any luck with your headlight bulbs? I have an 08 Acadia, and I've had to replace the headlight bulbs every 4-6 months.
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