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I was wondering if any Middle East owners have signed up here...

I just booked my Acadia from the local dealer...after an exillerating test drive...but as is the case in the Middle East the price is set by the whims n fancies of the dealers :-\

Booked Date: 04/12/2007
Dealer: Mannai Auto
Model Year: 2008 - (Manufacture Date of vehicle: Oct 2007)
Trim Level: SLE
Quoted Price: Qrs. 122,000/- ~ $33,425/-
Insurance: Comprehensive 7 psg = Qrs. 5,500/- p.a ~ $1507/-
Incentives received: You Kidding?
Warranty: 3yr/60,000km (Bumper to Bumper) - No mention of the GMC 5yr powertrain/transmission warranty ???
Total On Road Price: Qrs. 127,500/- ~ $34,932/-

Accessories: Side Steps, All Weather Mats, Trailer Hitch, Mud Guards, Denali Grille (Can't wait for this ;D): TBA

Let me know your prices...
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