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Hello All,

My best friend is a designer at the GM Tech Center in Warren Michigan and he called me on July 25 2008 to tell me all employee's got an email that said they can give away 1 GMS discount to any non family member or friend but delivery has to be completed by July 31, 2008. I started searching right away and another Yukon was at the top of my list however back during the weekend of July 4th GM had an unannounced summer blitz sale for Yukon's and Tahoe's that I was unaware of so most dealers sold through all their Yukons leaving only the 55K priced trucks left in inventory. I was shopping for a Yukon all year and my luck they had the summer blitz sale right during the time I took a few days off and went on vacation and a lot of people missed this sale. The rebate was like 7K off with the GMS discount on a lease or buy. This really made me start pushing for an Acadia and I had about 4 days to do this. My biggest problem was finding an AWD SLE Acadia with the options I wanted. Finally I found one and went right to the dealer and bought it. I have only had it 5 days but I must say I am very very impressed. It has just about all the Yukon capabilities and room but like driving a fine luxury car. I dont see how one can miss. It really is like the best of both worlds and I will tell ya 23 MPG on the HWY is something new to me that I never experienced with a Yuk. One of my main concerns was power for pulling my trailer but for the 2 or 3 times a year I do this the Acadia will work just fine but for me. I was tired of driving a big Yukon all the time and climbing in and out of that thing all day. I drive about 80 miles per day so my car is like my 2nd home. I think GM has a winner here no doubt so I see why Acadia is so popular. My dealer tells me that here in Michigan AWD sales only amounts to about 20% to 30% of their total sales and most people just want the FWD version. I went with the SLE version to keep my lease payment low because this is basically just my work/family vehicle and I have another vehicle to drive on the weekends. I think every vehicle I ever owned had leather interior so I was a little concerned with the cloth seats but man are these seats nice. When Im driving I feel as if I was sitting at home in front of the TV on a Lazy-Boy recliner thats how comfortable they are plus these are not the same cloth seat of years past or like the cloth seats in the new Envoy so now I have no concerns with them plus winter time should be a joy without waiting for the cold leather to warm up. The only thing I think I wish they did was to include the Homelink system as part of the Convenience package. Well I will cut it off here because I could go on for days about this thing but it is awesome and I love it.

Dark Crimson Metallic
Ebony interior/2nd row buckets
Convenience Pkg.
Prefered Equipment Pkg.
Entertainment Pkg.
Trailer Pkg.
Heated windshield washer fluid

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Glad you like it and surprised you found one w/ all your options in driving range that late in the year. Double bonus on the GMS! If you realy want to feel at home, retrofit a nav/DVD unit into the dash with a lockpick so you can play DVDs :). I've looked at the Homelink setup & suspect it would not be too hard to retrofit with the proper upper console parts. I did this in my '98 Durango by using a later model overhead console & blending it in with filler, then repainted the assembly. Works pretty good.

BTW, did your friend work on the "new" Camaro? If so, they need to shred the Toyota Celica pictures they used for the design and focus on the 1969 model, an eternal beauty :D.
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