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A/C Leak coming from Compressor to Evap Hose

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I have a 2012 Acadia SLT and just took it to my local dealer for a non working A/C. They told me they found a leak from the Compressor to the EVAP hose and quoted me $880 to do that. I was wondering where that hose is located and how difficult is it to do. I know you have to take the front bumper off. I have done a little work on my acadia like the suspension replacement and full brakes but I'm still just a backyard mechanic. Any help would be appreciated in tackling this job in order to save some money.
Thank you
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It will come out of the AC compressor and route towards the firewall.

Unless you have the equipment to evacuate and recharge the AC system, this is a job best left to a professional.
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