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I have a 2018 Arcadia Denali with about 26k miles that I’ve had about 2 years. It is primarily driven locally but in the last year, I’ve taken it on 4 trips 200+ miles away, requiring interstate driving. On two of those trips, roughly 80 miles in, I’ve experienced what feels like a stutter and then 3 warnings come up: Service Parking Break, Steering Assist Disabled and Engine Power Reduced. I have been able to get off the interstate and after turning off the car for 10-15 mins, all warnings will disappear except the check engine light and sometimes the steering assist will still not engage. Sometimes it will happen again 30-45 mins later, sometimes it is fine. Both of these longer trips, I was on my way to a work conference so I limped it to the hotel and park it. When the conference is over and I start up my car, the check engine light has even cleared like nothing happened but I usually take the long way non-interstate home and have no issues with non-interstate routes.

Last night it happened again, a much shorter trip that I’ve done multiple times in the last year, with only about 40 miles on the interstate (that I’ve done several times before with no issue). No issues on the way there, but coming home, we made it about 30 miles and it happened again. I was able to get my engine power and steering assist back. We got home late so I’m hoping the check engine light has not cleared before my husband can go have the codes checked but hoping someone here has any ideas? I’m confused as to what all these codes have to do with each other!?

I have also noticed, if this makes a difference, intermittently after I park and turn off my car, when opening my door, I hear a sound in the back that I think could be the e-break engaging but then it sounds like it releases and when I start my car, I never see a light/indicator that the break is engaged. I’m in my completely level driveway most times that I hear this happen, so it shouldn’t feel the e-break is needed.

Thank you for any advice/suggestions!
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