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Bought new apr 1st 2017 GMC Acadia 6cyl rpm significant surge 38 to 48 mph under slow acceleration. Lots of rpm minor flutter but still shifts smoothly. Dealer serviced diagnosed and replaced torque converter. $3300 out of pocket (extd warranty ended April 1st 2022) just picked it up after hours and still doing same thing. during 1st acceleration around 42 mph the surge is still there and watching rpms its still fluttering floating. I am calling the dealership tomorrow. Are there any adjustments, or a break in period? Or what else could it be? If the torque converter didn't fix is is there any chance I could be refunded some of the $3300. I did see other possible issues from the ecm computer, clean injectors, vacuum leaks, spark plugs but wouldn't the dealership have checked tested those or found codes using their computers? Any help or suggestions are appreciated
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