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2016 Acadia Daytime running light (DRL) issue

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Have a new to me 2016 Acadia. There is an issue with the Driver's side DRL, or Daytime Running light.

When the headlights are on AUTO, I pull the car out of the garage into the light and the headlights turn off, BUT the Drivers DRL also turns off. The passenger side stays on.

In the garage, the headlights turn on and BOTH DRL's are on.
Manually turning on the Headlights or parking lights, both DRL's are on.

So something is happening that is turning off the drivers side DRL when light turns off the auto headlights.

Looking for suggestions on where to start looking with this issue.
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While parked in the garage, I pulled the LT DRL relay from the underhood relay/fuse box. there was no change, for both DRLs (right and left).
I didn't try to see if it made an impact out in the sun.

I haven't checked the the other fuse/relay locations under the glove box yet.

(and of course, my acadia didn't come with a manual...have to get one of those.)
just did an experiment, parked in the sun, pulled the 2753 relay under the hood for the RIGHT DRL. It went out.
i wonder if the problem is the 2754 relay for the LEFT DRL...

those relays only have an impact when OUTSIDE in the light, ie. when the ambient light sensor kicks in.
parked in garage, those 2 relays did nothing.....

going to try a new 2754 relay
Well went to NAPA, they couldn't find a good cross reference on the 2754 they said, try this.
Didn't work, not really surprised. Ordered the actual 2754 relay from Ebay..they are tough to find.

Anyone else with an Acadia able to confirm the LT DRL relay under the hood in the fuse/relay box?

The LT DRL (near center of box) is a 2754 in mine.
The RT DRL (bottom center/left) is a 2753.

A little peculiar that they are different...but if i can confirm the LT DRL is a 2754, one less variable.

Thank you!
Tried a new relay on the LT DRL in the underhood fuse box. No change.
She's going to the garage for a diagnosis. I give up.
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