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Hi y’all,

I had many problems with the headlights burning out and each time the dealership said, oh that’s normal to get a bulb every year especially HID… haha.After a few visits and refusing to pay for yet another bulb, dealership finally figured it’s the ballast. I thought I bypassed that issue and went to an aftermarket shop in NC. Figured the dude knew what he was doing. After he installed the LEDs Iwas driving to Cali a few months later. and bam, one lights out. Checked it out and lots of electrical tape, wires cut from the end of the housing unit.. I am trying to fix it.

The fuse kept blowing for one light so my husband changed something (we don’t know how it kept popping) but he got that to work, but the bulb, a no- go.
I took out one bulb and it’s a 4 pin connecting to a 2 pin. No plug and play. Checked all the wires, tested every thing out, and it seems to be the bulb since power is running t. After checking online and Oreillys, I see only plug and play options. I’ve already spent a lot of money on this and assumed I would be good for quite some time.

I need some guidance and I don’t trust dealers, shops as much as I should.I hate saying this, but I feel like I’m always getting taken advantage of.

anyone in San Diego that would want to give it a go?

appreciate y’all for your help


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