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2014 Acadia passenger and rear ac warm, cold on driver side.

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My Acadia passenger and rear ac stays warm while is cold on driver side. I replaced the blend door actuator on the passenger side as seems to be the solution that was able to find on YouTube but it didn’t work. When I change from cold to hot I can see the blend door actuator working so I know is not that. Anyone had the same issue? What’s was the solution?
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Your not the only one. I have the same problem. Scan tool says the actuator is where it belongs but the temperature difference between the other side is noticable warmer. I've recalibrated which did improve the situation but it's still not working right.
I’m having the exact same issue. Replaced the cabin filter, then removed the passenger side lower blend door actuator and manually moved the door and either get ambient air or heat with it set at 60. Drivers side set at 60 as well and 20F cooler. Has anyone experienced similar issue and solved it? Thanks!
FIXED: my problem ended up being the a/c system was low on refrigerant. ~20 psi on the low side. Added refrigerant and now the air is ice cold throughout. Hope this helps you, wish I would have checked the pressures before assuming it was the blend door (those tiny torx screws are b*tch to get at).
Thanks so much. I know this system is low and am doing a evac recharge this weekend. Will update with results.
Would not have thought a low charge would show noticable colder on one side....
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