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2012 Denali overheating after changing motor mounts and ac high pressure line

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Hi all,
I hate to add another overheating post to the forum, but I’m at a loss here. Last weekend I changed the motor mounts on my 2012 Denali AWD. I also changed the AC high pressure line which had been leaking. Since then the motor is solid like it should be and the ac is holding a charge and works great. The problem is that the truck started overheating out of nowhere after that. I have changed the thermostat, water pump, coolant temperature sensor, rad hoses, and the serpentine belt. I‘m getting good flow through the radiator and fans seem to be working as they should, although Im not really sure if they are supposed to be both running the same speed all the time (at times they aren’t) or if they run independently. If anyone can shed any light on that issue that would be helpful. My main question is… Does anyone have any ideas as to anything that may have been damaged while changing the motor mounts or maybe the ac line that could cause overheating all of a sudden. I ran normal temperature before that.

P.S. it also seems to run cooler while idling or driving around town.
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