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Model Model Description List Price Factory
D/H(b) MSRP(c)
Price (c) DFC
TR14526 Acadia FWD SLE-1 - 3SA $29,110.00
TV14526 Acadia AWD SLE-1 - 3SA $31,110.00
TR14526 Acadia FWD SLT-1 - 4SA $33,575.00
TR14526 Acadia FWD SLT-2 - 4SB $35,520.00
TV14526 Acadia AWD SLT-1 - 4SA $35,575.00
TV14526 Acadia AWD SLT-2 - 4SB $37,520.00

Additional Options
Code Description List
Price Factory
DK1 Console, Second Row $250.00
Engine Block Heater:
K05 Engine Block Heater $75.00
Head-Up Display:
UV6 Head-Up Display $350.00
TVD HID Headlamps $500.00
E61 Power Liftgate $350.00
PCM Preferred Package $375.00
PDD Convenience Package $435.00
PDM Cargo Package $90.00
58U Carbon Black Metallic $95.00
80U Red Jewel Tintcoat $395.00
94U Platinum Ice Tricoat $745.00
98U White Diamond Tricoat $745.00
Power Outlet:
KV1 115V Power Outlet $175.00
Radio and Navigation Equipment:
RCA Cargo Area Audio Controls $150.00
U3R Touch Screen Navigation System, w/Rearview Camera System $2,340.00
U42 Entertainment System - DVD $1,295.00
U42 Entertainment System - DVD &3SA $2,055.00
US9 AM/FM Stereo with 6 CD & MP3 format, Bose Speakers w/Sub-Woofe, Tri-Zone Climate Control $870.00
UZR Touch Screen Navigation System, w/Rearviw Camera System Req. U42 $2,340.00
ABB 7 Passenger w/2nd Row Captain's Chairs & 3rd Row Split Bench Seat $495.00
ABC 8 Passenger Seating, w/2nd and 3rd Row Split Bench Seats ($495.00)
Sun Roof:
C3U Dual Skyscape Sunroof $1,300.00
V92 Trailering Package $425.00
1SZ Wheel Content Credit ($600.00)
P64 19" Ultra Bright Aluminum Wheels $1,295.00
XA7 Heated Windshield Washer Fluid $85.00

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Interceptor, This is long awaited info. Was this info made public or do you have an inside track? In either case, thanks for the posting.

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A few observations/questions:

1. Is destination charge still $735? I don't see it on the list.
2. Looks like the price of an '08 SLT-2 will be a whopping $150 higher than an '07 (not considering incentives, of course)
3. I don't understand why 7 passenger seating is listed at $495, while 8 passenger is a credit of $495. Does this mean that the SLE may have standard 8-passenger seating now, with a $495 charge for buckets?
4. Surprised to see both Platinum Ice and White Diamond listed - thought White Diamond was supposed to be replaced by Platinum Ice.
5. Looks like option prices are pretty much unchanged.

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Looks like SLT-1 AWD went up $350, but SLT-2 AWD only up $150.

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Would the price increase for the AWD be for the new tuned system?

johnway said:
I do not really like the console, I like being able to walk between to get to the back seat.

I just read in a USA Today review of the Outlook (an they mention the Acadia that there will be new tuning for the AWD system: quoted from article:

The 2008 version, according to Nico, gets two useful upgrades.

The all-wheel-drive system will be tuned more like the high-performance setup on the Acura MDX. Instead of cutting power to an inside wheel in a turn to keep you pointed correctly, it overdrives the outside wheel. Still keeps you aimed where you intend, but digs in and drives you out of the corner under power instead of limping around.

"We couldn't match them on the Nurburgring (race track, where Acura tested its system), but everywhere else we can give them a run," Nico says.


Looks like they are trying to aim closer to the MDX in the handling.

Here is a link to the article:
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