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2008 GMC Acadia SLT2 AWD
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2008 Acadia original owner.
3.6L V6 engine, LY7 engine, VVT on 4 cams, 275 HP
Lots of very mellow 2 mile commute/store drives. Not much (2-3 per year) short drives with throttle down and RPMs up.
82,000 miles. Conventional oil changed by oil life indicator or 1 year, so about every 6,000-8,000 miles. Oil usually checked between & before oil changes, rarely needed, I don't believe it has ever been a full quart down.

Had occasional CEL becoming more regular, then constante after about a year (accompanied by Traction Control/Stabilitrak message). But running great, MPGs same, so easy to ignore. Followed some random posts about Stabilitrak. Checked fuses. Went to clean Intake/Mass Air Flow Sensor, but found it clean enough to eat from. Did find poorly connected crankcase breather tube, I think that cured Stabilitrak message (mostly).
Got my own scanner. Code P0014 and often P0017 with it. If cleared, would come back, 0-3 days.
Checked all harness connections to cam sensors and solenoids.

Code P0014 = Camshaft Position “B” - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)
I changed that sensor and solenoid. The solenoid was covered with a dry brown color. I wouldn't describe as sludge or a film, looked like it had been in a meat smoker for an hour. I had seen signs of sludge in the engine. No changes in codes. I bought Crankshaft Sensor, but dot think I can get to it without a lift.

The previous oil change was about 1,000 miles prior.
I removed a quart of oil, and added a quart of Diesel, for a flush. Drove around the block and changed oil and filter. I used 5W-30 Synthetic, also added Seafoam with new oil.

About 1 month and 500 miles later. I think the P0014 has come on twice. I'm checking and clearing the codes almost daily. Stabilitrak message come on for one drive.
The Code P0017 comes on 95% of the time, 3-20 seconds after starting the engine, usually the RPMs will dip 100 RPMs and instantly recover at the exact same time. It doesn't seem to matter, cold engine, hot engine, 30˚ weather, 60˚ weather, long time sitting, short time sitting. Then if doesn't come on, or if I clear the code, it will not come on during the drive. Light to very hard acceleration, deceleration by downshifts, 50 miles on freeway, manually putting in a high gear and lugging it down on a hill. And it's running great through all of this, good power, no noises, and just purrs at idle.

My plan is to do 1-2 more 1000 mile oil changes (and wish hard). I have trouble believing a real timing issue wouldn't be triggered by some driving condition.
Any thoughts shared will be greatly appreciated.

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Was this campaign performed on your vehicle?

#10287B: Customer Satisfaction - Premature Timing Chain Wear-Reprogram Engine Control Module - (Feb 8, 2011)
Vehicle eligibility to be confirmed through GMVIS. This Campaign is in effect through May 31, 2012.

The procedure reset the OLM system, shortening the oil change interval, along with opening programmed tolerances on the valve timing system which produce the codes you describe above. If you had it done and the codes return as frequently as descibed, you have a decision to make whether or not to replace the timing chains and guides. Mileage on the vehicle suggests it's time to do it if you plan to keep your Acadia, even if the campaign was not performed.
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